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Wedding Safaris

The climate is perfect, brilliant sunshine, a gentle breeze, clear blue sky. On the lawn, before the soft white sand of the beach begins, an arched bower has been woven from palm fronds and scarlet bougainvillea flowers. A pair of traditional Swahili chairs stands in front of a table bearing the wedding register. A three-tier wedding cake decorated with flowers and tropical fruit stands nearby; the headwaiter adjusts the starched napkin around the neck of the ice-cold champagne.

In her luxury suite, the bride has frangipani flowers woven into her intricately plaited hair; much earlier she relaxed with a lavender body massage, had her finger and toe nails painted palest pink and drank chilled champagne as the gently proficient beauty therapist gave her a facial that makes her skin glow with health and happiness.

She is radiant. It’s time to put on the dress an embroidered gown of ivory silk, receive the bouquet of roses from the smiling staff and step out onto the hotel lawn in her bare feet. Why wear shoes? She plans on walking along the beach when the ceremony is over.

Seated on their twin Swahili thrones, the bride and groom follow the words of the registrar and exchange their vows. Standing with hands held tight, they exchange a kiss for the photographer, clink their glasses and laugh as the confetti scatters in the breeze. This is the way to do it no rain, no stress, no guests other than their very nearest and dearest  and just a five-minute stroll along the beach before the honeymoon begins.

But just so you know, we can arrange: the pre-nuptial parties, the ceremony, the legalities, the flowers, the hair, the wedding banquet, the cake, the meet-and-greet of your guests (and their accommodation), the wedding gifts, photographs, video and honeymoon.

Tie the knot with Serena and we can arrange as intimate or as elaborate a wedding as you desire. For the two of you or with 100 of your closest friends on the beach, or at one of the Serena Safari Lodges – the choice is your

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